Welcome new followers! It is always a pleasure to know my work is liked enough people want to keep up with it and the going ons of the business. :)


Things are moving rather slow around here. Wisdom teeth were removed last Tuesday so I’ve been pretty quiet on the art side of things. The printhead on my printer decided to kick the bucket as well and it’s crippled the business for the moment. Hoping to get enough made to get that taken care of quickly!

Mobicon is coming up this weekend! I’ll be in the artist alley so if you’re in the Mobile, AL area, be sure to stop by and say hey! The con is absolutely lovely and I always enjoy my time down south. The weekend after will be Hartford Comic Con! I’m really excited to see everybody again. I miss the con scene.

Starting next month, I’m going to be working on a dragon calender and will be posting previews and the like. I’m really excited about the project and looking forward to painting a bunch of dragons! :D Past that, there are a few personal projects I am working on as well as some commissioned pieces. Hopefully I will have time to finish everything!




Lots going on around here! My apologies for the quiet. :)

I’ve been updating my convention schedule regularly. If there is a show you want to see me at, send a comment and I’ll see about getting it booked! Starting Wed. I’ll be gone for some back to back shows and won’t be home until June 4th. But, as always, I will be taking my work on the road so you can expect new stuff when I return! I am very excited for some upcoming projects and hope to have lots to share soon!

For now, enjoy a WIP of a commissioned piece I am currently working on! If all goes well tomorrow, I’ll be doing a stream in the evening. An announcement will be posted if this comes about. :)



Updating my website a bit. You can now buy any of my original pieces I have for sale directly through my site! :) http://www.heri.portfoliobox.me/.-sohn-./


I’m also updating my online store. I’m going to be retiring a good number of prints from the site and adding new ones. I’m also adding an area for Limited Edition and Artist Proofs! Lots of good things happening.

I have so many projects that are slowly piling up and am excited to be working on all of them. There’s going lots of updates coming soon!

Here at Awesomecon and it is going fantastic! I will be posting new paintings when I return home.


St. Louis was an amazing show~ I got to meet extremely wonderful people, made new friends, and had a great time all around. :) It was nice to head out and relax with the strange ones call artists.


With that being said, AwesomeCon in D.C. is coming up in two weeks and I have a lot to do to get ready for it. Need to get caught up on work in between taking care of the family. Kind of catches up to you when you’ve been away for two weeks. Things are moving quickly here. I feel revitalized and ready to work on some projects that have been collecting dust (and new ones at that!). This upcoming year is going to be wonderful and greatly needed.


Hope you lovelies are doing well! Further updates to come~

For now, enjoy the finished piece “The Raven Wife”:



Packed and ready for St. Louis! It admittedly feels very good to be on the road a lot and working the cons. I always enjoy meeting new people and talking about art and fun things! And this weekend, I’m sure, won’t be any different. :)


I’ve been working on expanding my abilities with traditional media and am excited to further push what I’ve been exploring. Things really seem to be moving in a good direction. After everything that went on for the past few years, I feel like my head is straight and my shoulders are strong. I look forward to everything that is to come down the line.


Whelp! Time to get on the road. :) See you lovely people in St. Louis!


Haven’t painted in a couple days and I feel irritated because of it. But my back’s been in too much pain to sit up for long enough to work. Going in for a CT scan some time this weekend to get things checked out. X-rays came back clean but there’s definitely something going on as PT has been making the pain worse.

But! For good things. :) Louisville CC is next weekend at the end of the month. Super excited to see everybody again and to work. It’ll be good to get back into the scene.

I am officially a homeowner! And I’m both excited and terrified about it. Excited as I’ll finally have my own place; nervous as it’s a house! Augh. I have to really pile on some good work. It feels like a nice step to the future and I can’t wait to open that new chapter of my life.

Going to paint for a bit before the back puts me out for the evening! :)


Restarting this blog and (hopefully) going to keep it updated. I want to keep a journal of my life’s journey and evolution as an artist. With this, I want to brush off the old and move forward with positivity and enjoyment of the road ahead. :)